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EJS offers VIP executive rent a jet services from and to Nice on the newest model business jets including:

Nice light jet charter: 4-6 passengers
• Cessna CJ2+/CJ3
• Cessna CJ4
• Phenom 300

Nice midsize jet rentals: 6-9 passengers
• Cessna XLS+
• Cessna Sovereign
• Challenger 300

Nice heavy jet charter: 8-16 passengers
• Challenger 605
• Falcon 7X
• Global Express XRS

Nice VIP jetliners charter: 18 passengers
• Airbus A318 Elite/A319CJ

Nice to Rome Private Jet Charter

Rome a City with history, culture and style and a very popular city visited by millions of tourists every year, making Rome one of the world's most visited destinations. Hiring a private jet from Nice to Rome is also very popular with tourists and business clients that have to be at important meetings, with no delays. The main reason for hiring a private jet from Nice to Rome is the comfort and convenience factor. When booking your Nice to Rome private jet charter flight with EJS, you’re ensured a top quality service and a comfortable luxurious flight. Your VIP jet from Nice to Rome will be scheduled to your specifications, allowing for all your requirements. You will travel to Rome in style and luxury and arrive feeling relaxed and refreshed, alert and ready for any busy meeting. Maybe, you’re travelling for pleasure and treating your, friends and family to a luxury flight on a VIP private jet.

For whatever reason you’re taking a VIP jet flight, business or leisure; EJS have the appropriate private jet to accommodate your needs. Hiring international private jet charters and luxury private jets have become very popular and is now a trend amongst corporate companies and celebrities. Renting your very own VIP private jet flight from Nice to Rome, enables you to create your own flight schedule, giving you peace of mind knowing you will arrive on time for all your appointments. EJS have a varied choice of luxury aircraft for you to choose from, be it a corporate jet charter, business jet or international VIP jet charter. You can choose from the light private jet aircrafts, which can carry 4 to 6 passengers up to the VIP Airliners carrying 18 to 50 passengers. EJS will assist you in making the right choice of private aircraft for your private jet flight from Nice to Rome.

Rome airport Fiumicino or Leonardo da Vinci airport of Rome is Italy’s first airport and Europe’s sixth where traffic volume is concerned. It lies 16 miles southwest of Rome and is linked to the city by train and by road. The airport incorporates 3 passenger stations and offers services of a great variety. Domestic flights depart from passenger station Terminal A, domestic and international flights from Terminal B and transatlantic flights from Terminal C. Located between the various coffee shops and restaurants you will find some 130 stores selling gifts, clothing, souvenirs and much more.

About Rome

No city in the world equals the history of the Eternal City. Founded 2700 years ago, Rome long reigned as Caput Mundi, or Capital of the World. Monumental buildings like the Colosseum are reminiscent of the era when emperors like Nero and Trajan ruled the Roman Empire. But today's Rome owes much of its attractiveness to the Renaissance period when new squares such as the Piazza del Campidoglio were created and new buildings were constructed including the world's largest church, the Saint Peter's Basilica.

An overview of a few places to visit in Rome:

The Vatican

The Vatican Museums house priceless works of art collected by the popes or often expressly commissioned by them. It exhibits more than 70,000 pieces, with another 50,000 pieces preserved in the vaults and storerooms.

The Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel is without doubt one of the greatest art treasures of all time, one of the most celebrated masterpieces in the world. It's the last stop on the Vatican Museum tour and is the most ardently awaited moment for the millions of tourists from around the world that come here every year to admire it. Step into the Sistine Chapel and the magic completely envelops you because literally everything in this place is priceless and rich in history, from the pavement to the amazing frescoed ceiling by Michelangelo.

The Roman Colosseum

On entering you see the arena straight ahead; this was the stage for shows, with floors, which were once made from a mixture of bricks and wood, but has now disappeared altogether. In its place you can see the cellars which housed equipment used to prepare and carry out the games. The two underground floors housed the lifts and hoists with their counter weights, of which we can still see the rails today; they were the special effects of the time, used to hoist up animals and gladiators who burst into the arena through trapdoors, suddenly appearing in a burst of white dust giving the audience great surprise effects. A complex system of hinges and lifts also allowed them to hoist up set-designed backdrops, used for the hunt events.

EJS are expert private jet charter brokers with years of experience and understand your need for convenience and speed with no hassle. Consider EJS Aviation when you book your luxury private jet, as we are a trusted and experienced Jet Broker Company, with many years experience in hiring the perfect charter jet or VIP jet for our clients needs. Our customer service team is outstanding and experts in handling private jet bookings. To discuss your luxury private jet arrangements for your flight from Nice to Rome just give us a call and we will assist you in making the right choice of private aircraft for your needs.

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