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EJS Jet Service offers private jet aircraft
charter and airtaxi hire service from/to NICE
LFMN-NCE Cote d'Azur airport.

Light Jets in Nice: 4-6 passengers
Midsize Jets in Nice: 6-10 passengers
Heavy Jets in Nice: 10-16 passengers
VIP Airliners in Nice: 18-50 passengers

Cessna Mustang / 4 seats
Cessna CJ2/ 6 seats
Phenom 100 / 5 seats

Phenom 300 / 6-7 seats
Cessna CJ4 / 6-7 seats

Cessna XLS / 8 seats
Learjet 60 / 7 seats
Gulftream 150 / 7 seats

Challenger 300 / 8-9 seats
Cessna Sovereign / 8 seats
Gulfstream 200 / 9 seats

Challenger 605 / 9-11 seats
Global Express / 12-16 seats
Falcon 7X / 12-16 seats

Nice to Moscow Private Jet Charter

During an EJS private jet flight, you are always treated with special care and attention. As a luxury private jet charter passenger your private jet from Nice to Moscow is scheduled for your convenience. Travelling by luxury private jet is the best way to travel to Moscow; whether it�s for an important business meeting or for pleasure. EJS private aircraft charters are ideal if you want an aircraft broker you can trust. When travelling on an EJS Nice to Moscow private jet charter you know you will have a quality service with a luxury environment to match, allowing you to feel comfortable and travel in style.

Hiring International VIP jet charters has become very trendy for many travellers from Nice to Moscow, whether they�re on business, vacation or a celebrity needing privacy. Renting a VIP jet gives passengers� flexibility for their flight schedule and total privacy with exceptional customer service. EJS are a trusted and valued private jet company with many years experience. EJS private jet aircraft service from Nice to Moscow offers their customers a choice of luxury aircraft to provide for their needs. You can choose from light private jet aircraft for 4 to 6 passengers up to VIP Airliners carrying 18 to 50 passengers. You choose the private aircraft most suited to your needs depending on the reason for your flight from Nice to Moscow.

Vnukovo International Airport is located 28 kilometres southwest from the centre of Moscow, Russia. It is one of three major airports serving Moscow along with Domodedovo International Airport and Sheremetyevo International Airport. Of the three Moscow airports, Vnukovo is the highest (204m above sea level) and hence in case of fog it has frequently served as an alternative airport. The airport has two passenger terminals Terminal A and Terminal B, one general aviation terminal and one dedicated to charter and business flights. Vnukovo Airport is equipped with a VIP hall, which is used by many political leaders and important people visiting Russia. The Tupolev airliner rework facility is located at the edge of the airport and major overhaul and modification programmes are carried out in several large aircraft hangars.

About Moscow

Moscow houses iconic sights, such as Red Square, the Kremlin, and Lenin�s tomb. The city is vibrant, interesting and very lively, with a 24-hour buzz of activity. It is one of Europe�s most vibrant cities � a sprawling metropolis of more than 10 million people and packed with nightclubs, bars, shopping centres and culture. With stunning large-scale canvases of old masters such as Ilya Repin to priceless religious icons. You will be fascinated with the architecture and colours of Red Square. For a sophisticated evening, dress up and take a visit to the opera or the ballet. Later take a stroll on the Old Arbat, Moscow�s main tourist stretch that was once home to some of Russia�s finest writers and composers.

An overview of a few places to visit in Moscow:

The Kremlin

The Kremlin still remains as alluring and enigmatic as ever. The Kremlin has played a dominant role in Russian life for over eight hundred years. A potent symbol of two mighty imperial cultures - that of medieval Muscovy and that of the Soviet Union - the Kremlin is at once fascinating and foreboding, a mixture of lavish opulence and austere secrecy, and its eclectic mix of architecture reflects these paradoxes and seismic cultural shifts. Two thirds of the citadel territory is closed to visitors, but the remaining third contains enough treasures to occupy several days of sightseeing. Not only one of the largest and most interesting museums in the world, but also the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation, the Kremlin is the perfect place to begin your tour of Moscow.

Red Square

Red Square delightful and full of history has been and remains the heart and soul of Russia. Few places in the world bear the weight of history to the extent that Moscow's central square does. From the 16th Century St. Basil's Cathedral - one of the most famous pieces of architecture in the world - to the constructivist pyramid of Lenin's Mausoleum, Red Square is rich in symbols of Russia's turbulent and intriguing past.

When hiring your international VIP private jet charter, luxury private jet or executive jet for your flight from Nice to Moscow. Consider EJS Aviation, as we are a trusted and experienced jet broker company, with a professional friendly customer service team standing by, to discuss your needs and arrange the appropriate private jet for your flight from Nice to Moscow.

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